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Welcoming Ceremony

The welcoming celebration for all new first graders took place on Wednesday, August 24th. All new students were taken by Mrs. Biegel, head of school, and Mrs. Gering, form teacher, from the kindergarten to the gym where the celebration took place. The older students prepared a great program and the theatre group showed again lots of talent and proved that pirates also want to learn reading. Mrs. Biegel and Mrs. Gering welcomed the students warmly at the primary school. 

First Day at School

We would like to welcome all students, parents and colleague to the new school year! The welcoming ceremony took place on Monday in the gym. New students as well as new teachers and new colleagues in the administration were introduced and welcomed. Many students were honored for passing the German and French Language Diploma as well as the Ethiopian national exams. Let’s all start the new school year with lots of ambition and fun!



Completion of the Bilingual International Baccalaureate (BIB), which is also an entrance exam for universities worldwide, is a marathon of 14 tests in 6 subjects. It’s totally understandable that the end of the final exam is duly celebrated with our four students. Parents surprised their children with a small reception in front of the class room and celebrated together with all teachers around our tukul. 

What kind of professions exist?

Our kindergarten kids of the yellow group have learned about many different professions over the past weeks. Our school nurse explained to them what she has to do and afterwards all children could try themselves to put on bandages. The whole group went on a trip to the local fire department station to learn about the work of fire fighters – it was great fun for everybody.

Track and Field Competition at ICS

Sixteen students of DBSAA took part with great success in the track and field competition at ICS. Especially mentioned should be Brook Yonas who won first place in long jump with 5,57 m and triple jump with 11,60 m. For the girls, Saba Sprung was very successful in winning first place in long jump (3,90 m). Saba Beyene (high jump 1,32 m) and Karlson Jacobi (400 m run 1:03 min) won second place and Samuel Funder could secure third place in 200 m run with 25,96 s. Also all other students were successful in their respective disciplines.

Daytrip to Water Factory

Students of grade 3 visited the Origin drinking water factory at the outskirts of Addis Ababa in company of their teacher Angela Hoppstock and Nadine Döbele. All production facilities could be visited – of course only while wearing approved hygienically clean overalls. The company is also growing its own vegetable for the cafeteria of the employees. All students had a lot of fun and also learned many things about water production.  

Mathematics Competition Kangaroo

Our student Elisa of grade 4 „jumped“ really far at this year’s Kangaroo competition in mathematics and won a great 3rd place. With a great number of points she became school champion! Other winners were Lasab (grade 7), Quintus (grade 8) and Saba (grade 7). Congratulations to all winners! Also all the best to every other “kangaroo” that was participating in the competition! (Christoph Schütze)

Games for elementary school

Our parents‘ council bought a few games at the flea market from money they had earned during this school year and presented it to students of our elementary school. We would like to take this opportunity to thank again our parents’ council but also all parents who support us during our many events at the school and therefor really contribute to a great school life.

Important Dates

Here you can find all important DBSAA dates until August 2017. Please click on the calendar to get a full view and some additional information for each event.

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