School History


Founding of the first school association by Hermannsburg missionaries.


Opening of the first expert school in the mission's house.



The school became part of the German-Lutheran Christ parish under the name "Georg- Haccius School"


Final closure of the school


Founding of the second German school association chaired by Dr. Wilhelm Winter as a interconfessional and multinational school


Handing over of the school land by emperor Haile Selassie I. for a duration of 50 years for the rental fee of 1 Eth $.


School operations begin with the principal Karl Ernst Lasch at Hotel Nizza as interim solution until the new school building is completed. (25 students, 14 kindergarten children, 2 teachers and 1 kindergarten teacher).



Increase of student number to 150 - mainly Ethiopian students. Establishment of a seperate primary school with Ethiopian teachers ans Amharic as language of instruction.


Construction and completion of the new German school with class rooms, dormitories and Kindergarten building.

Juni 1960

First final examnination at the end of grade 10.


Establishment of an Advanced level grade 11 and finally extension up to grade 13.


Accreditation of the German school in Addis Ababa through the school rector's conference (Kultusministerkonferenz) as  a "leading degree granting German school abroad".

Mai 1963

First students graduate after grade 13 headed by Prof. Dr. Assmann. Student numbers increase to 370.

Oktober 1964

Heinrich Lübke holds an opening speech for the new school buildings (administration, cafeteria, dining hall, storage room, kitchen, laundry, new class room building for secondary school children and a gymnasium).


Official opening of the new buildings during a visit of emperor Haile Selassies I.



Accreditation of the German school in Addis Ababa through the school rector's conference (Kultusministerkonferenz) as  a "leading degree granting German school abroad".


Introduction of a new degree after year 10 (Realschulabschlussprüfung) which leads to a German O-level. 


New application criteria fo children with non-German citizenship. Precondition: successful participation in kindergarten with intensive German classes.

Ab 1974

Drastic decline in student numbers due to political circumstances.


Occupation of the school and confiscation of all inventory. After January 6, 1978, all school personell is denied entry to the school compound.


Relocation of school to the German embassy compound with approval of the German and Ethiopian ministries of foreign affairs. No Ethiopian children are allowed to enrol in the school. 



The school is renamed to "German Embassy School".



Recommendation by the German ministry of foreign affairs to close the upper secondary classes. 


Ethiopian government offers a new property for the school as compensation.



Property transference contract and agreement on cultural cooperation between the German ministry of foreign affairs and the Ethiopian government. 

März 2000

Moving to the new school


IBO grants DBSAA the right to award the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Establishment of upper secondary grades 11 and 12. Since the beginning of the pilot project bilingual IB-Programme (International Baccalaureate), the number of students has been growing continuously.


50th anniversary. First IB final examinations


Signing of the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) between Germany and Ethiopia and the opening of the school for Ethiopian children with German background.

Schuljahr 2008/2009

Monika Biegel takes over the position of principal, after Heiko Ernst returns to Germany after 8 years.

Schuljahr 2009/2010

Eberhard Weisser takes over the position of deputy principal, after Bruno Böhler returns to Germany after 8 years.


50 years Abitur at DBSAA


60th anniversary of the DBSAA with large alumni meeting

2018 Dr. Martin Nutz takes over the postition of principal from Mrs. Monika Biegel who is retiring after 10 years at the DBSAA. Mr. Christoph Schantz takes over the position of deputy principal from Mr. Eberhard Weisser, who returns to Germany after 9 years of commendable work at the DBSAA.


Liebe Schulgemeinde, derzeit funktioniert der Internetauftritt der DBSAA nicht im vollen Umfang, wir bitten dies zu entschuldigen. Wir arbeiten gerade mit Hochdruck an unserem neuem Internetauftritt und freuen uns bald die neue Seite zu präsentieren zu können.

Internet presence
Dear school community, at the moment the internet presence of the DBSAA does not work to its full extent, we apologize for this. We are currently working at full speed on our new internet presence and are looking forward to presenting the new site soon.


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