Additional Services

Preparation for the Ethiopian Exam in grade 8
All children with Ethiopian citizenship take part in the national Ethiopian exam in grade 8. In order to prepare the students, the school offers additional classes in Amharic from grade 1 and in relevant subjects such as Social Studies and Civics from grade 4 in accordance with the Ethiopian curriculum. Further preparation for the Ethiopian national exam lies in the responsibility of the individual student.

Language training
The kindergarten admits children without any German language skills and facilitates language acquisition through intensive training over the period of two years. All pre-school children take a language proficiency test in May in order to assess their knowledge of the German language. If the German language proficiency test is advanced enough to follow the lessons in grade 1, the child can be admitted to the Elementary School. For all children, whose native language is not German, the school offers additional training in German as a foreign language (DaF) in the Elementary School and Secondary School. In grades 1 and 2 one additional teacher per class offers special German language training (4 hours in grade 1 and 2 hours in grade 2 per week). For grades 2-4 in Elementary School and grades 5-10 in Secondary School, the language training is offered during 2 additional hours in the afternoon. In order to pay due attention to the challenges of language learners, the school curriculum puts emphasis on the subjects German language and mathematics by increasing the number of lessons.

Afternoon Care
The Elementary School offers afternoon care from Mondays to Thursdays until 4 p.m. In order to attend the afternoon care, parents have to register the students and pay additional fees. You can find more information on the afternoon care programme at the secretariat.

Special Needs
If a teacher detects a child with special needs, the school will make an effort to facilitate the child individually with the help of a specially trained educator. The parents must bear the costs for any individual facilitation. 



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