Method Learning 

DBSAA has developed a „Method Curriculum“ defining academic methods for each grade which are practiced on two official method days as well as social methods for the weekly class teacher hour.

In our rapidly changing globalized world, students need not only subject knowledge but should also acquire key competencies. This is one of the main objectives of method training at DBSAA.

What do students learn?

  • to work with new subject areas in an independent and self-responsible manner
  • to research, structure, visualize and present new information
  • to talk about a topic in front of an audience in competent and motivating manner
  • to discuss subjects fairly and subject-oriented, to persuade others with solid arguments 
  • to develop and apply learning methods
  • teamwork, reliability, purposefulness, punctuality and precision
  • preparation for the Secondary School II requirements
  • and much more...

Process at DBSAA

All students of DBSAA take part in the method curriculum where they acquire competencies which cannot be found in the curricula of the single subjects but support them in their learning process and enhance the classroom experience.

Twice a year, DBSAA organizes a method day for all secondary school students. On that day, students learn and practice methods from the method curriculum. On the following days, students practice these newly acquired methods in their regular classes.

From the schoolyear 2014/15, students can document their acquired methods in the so-called method passport which was developed by German school faculty as a quality management tool.



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