Pedagogical Guidelines

The main objective of our elementary school is to not only a place of learning but also a community where teachers, students and parents meet, interact and experience each other.

the following pedagogical guidelines help us achieve this goal:

  • student participation regarding learning content and design of curricular school life. Children have individual needs to experience and to decipher their surroundings and living environment. By applying a variety of methods as well as student-oriented and hands-on forms of learning, we support children in their urge to learn and teach them to take responsibility for their learning process. 
  • interdisciplinary learning, independant study and mixed-age classes offer students challenges as well as opportunities to learn in authentic, social and cooperative learning environments.
  • development of communication skills and participation. We want to support our students to become independantly thinking and acting people. This means, that we constantly communicate with them an involve them into their development process. The foundation of this process is the respectful interaction between students, teachers and parents.


Verpassen sie nicht unseren traditionellen Weihnachtsbasar am 1. Dezember
Von 10.00 -17.00 Uhr, 11.00 Uhr offizielle Eröffnung

German Charity Christmas Bazaar
Don't miss our traditional Christmas bazaar on December 1st.
From 10.00 -17.00 o'clock, 11.00 o'clock official opening


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