Welcome to the BIB Programme

DBSAA is one of few German schools abroad offering a Bilingual International Baccalaureate (BIB) Diploma which is also a German university entrance qualification. Since the founding of the International Baccalaureate Organisation in 1968, the IB Diploma Programme has been recognised as an accredited international degree leading to university entrance in many countries around the world.

DBSAA offers a comprehensive bilingual IB Diploma Programme where several subjects are taught in German or English language. This gives our students the opportunity to select subjects matching their interests and language skills. After a successful completion of our IB-Diploma programme, students can not only enter most universities around the world, but in many countries - especially the anglophone countries - students can receive college credits from the IB programme.

 The main objectives and advantages of the IBDP-programme are:

  • to receive an international accredited university entrance qualification
  • to foster global understanding
  • to teach students in a holistic manner respecting their intellectual, personal, emotional and social development
  • to develop the capacity for reflection and critical thinking.

I am happy if you choose the BIB-Programme at DBSAA and you can contact me regarding any questions or comments (ib[at]dbsaa.de). 

Christoph Abt



Liebe Schulgemeinde, derzeit funktioniert der Internetauftritt der DBSAA nicht im vollen Umfang, wir bitten dies zu entschuldigen. Wir arbeiten gerade mit Hochdruck an unserem neuem Internetauftritt und freuen uns bald die neue Seite zu präsentieren zu können.

Internet presence
Dear school community, at the moment the internet presence of the DBSAA does not work to its full extent, we apologize for this. We are currently working at full speed on our new internet presence and are looking forward to presenting the new site soon.


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