Orientation Level

Grade 5 is considered an orientation level and functions as a transition from elementary school to the different forms of the secondary school (i.e. Gymnasium, Realschule or Hauptschule). The focus of this level is cooperative learning as well as the facilitation of students according to their talents and strengths. At the end of this orientation level, the parents receive a recommendation for the future school form of their child. This recommendation is based on clear defined criteria including grades in the core subjects but also the evaluation of the student's learning and working abilities.

A big advantage of cooperative learning lies in the fact that students with different talents, interests and strengths can learn from and with each other. This strengthens their ability to live and work closely with others as well as feeling considerate for other students. Open forms of classroom instruction make it possible for teachers to apply various tools such as:

  • different difficulty levels 
  • different materials and media
  • individual help from fellow students and teachers
  • additional exercises 
  • individual working time
  • additional special needs support 


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