60 Years German School


60 Years German School Addis Ababa – Grand Anniversary with Alumni and Projects

In 1955, the German Embassy School Addis Ababa began with its educational work in Ethiopia. The school has served as a bridge between Ethiopia and Germany for six decades. From February 13-16, 2015 we are celebrating this, and are using the time to not only reflect on the school’s history with alumni, students, teachers and parents but also to talk about the present status and future educational goals of our school.
The anniversary celebration will be opened on February 13 with a concert by the Youth Symphony Orchestra from Leipzig, which is a partner city of Addis Ababa. On Saturday, the programme will begin with a presentation by a former student, Prof. Dr. Müller, the director of the Institute of Experimental Nuclear Physics (IEKP) in Karlsruhe. Following this, the alumni, current students and staff of the school will celebrate an Ethiopian evening with live music, while also discussing projects for future collaboration between the former students and the school. On Sunday, the group will take part in a historical city tour of Addis Ababa facilitated by the architect Fasil Giorghis, and visit all former locations of the German School.
The festive highlight of the weekend is the anniversary celebration on Monday, February 16. Opening speeches made by the head of school and the German ambassador will be followed by project sessions offered by alumni and teachers, covering the following topics: the Blue Nile Renaissance Dam project, world music experience, introduction to Ethiopian history, big bang theory research, paper recycling, excursion to the Beer Garden Inn Addis Ababa, school stories and Ethiopian fairytales.
We are also looking forward to a reading from his latest book by our former student and grand nephew of Emperor Haile Selassie, Dr. Lij Asfa-Wossen Asserate.
The school has published a commemorative publication reflecting on the history of the school with many original pictures and contributions by many friends of the school. The book can be purchased at the school’s secretariat for 300 ETB. If you have any questions regarding the anniversary celebration, please contact us at info[at]dbsaa.de.


Anniversary Programme (16.2.15) & supporting programme
Venue: German Embassy School Aware, festive hall

Friday, 13.2.15                            

11:00 a.m.

ca. 11:30 am concert by the Youth Symphony Orchestra from Leipzig marks the beginning of the 60th anniversary celebration of the school

Saturday, 14.2.15

6 p.m.

lecture on latest nuclear physics research in German by Prof. Dr. Thomas Müller, Head of the Institute for Experimental Nuclear Physics in Karlsruhe, alumnus of the DBSAA

from 7 p.m.

Ethiopian Evening for former students, parents and friends at the school with live music; brief presentation & contributions of Alumni, partly on future Alumni work of the school; Oldies Charts, etc. – Dr. Kahsai Wolde-Giorgis (former student of DSAA and alumni coordinator) will accompany through the evening


from 10 p.m.

Dance with the alumni band “Ishi Becca Ciao”


Sunday, 15.2.15                            

Tour of the City and of the two old locations of the German school departure 09:30 Tegen Hotel, 09:45 at Edna Addis Hotel  - meeting point 9:45 at the German School; short introduction to the historic development of the city, with a visit to former German school locations and architectural heritage sites with the avant-garde architect Fasil Giorghis (co-author of the book “Addis Ababa, The City and its Architectural Heritage 1886-1944”, chair holder of conservation of urban and architectural heritage at EIABC, AAU), lunch in between (direct payer); until ca. 16:00 


Monday, 16.2.15

60th anniversary celebration of the school –moderation: Monika Soddemann

8 – 9 a.m

musical introduction by Munit & Jörg opening speech by Head of School, Monika Biegel, then by the German Ambassador, Joachim Schmidt Alumnus/ Alumni coordinator, Dr. Kahsai Wolde-Giorgis,   appreciation ceremony, piece of music by the school band


9 – 9.30 a.m

coffee break, sale of anniversary publication


9.30-12 a.m

project sessions followed by a lunch


1:30 – 2:15 p.m.

reading by Alumnus Dr. Lij Asfa-Wossen Asserate „Der letzte Kaiser von Afrika“(The last Emperor of Africa), music presentation of the kindergarten


2:15 – 2:45 p.m.

coffee break – signing and sale of books


2:45 – 4 p.m

project presentation of world music project, Nile project and physics project


4 – 5 p.m

Ethiopian coffee ceremony and cake buffet organised by parents with musical entertainment


5 – 6 p.m

offers: tour of the school, football tournament between alumni, parents, students and teachers or a film show in the music room (film of the DSAA inauguration by Emperor Haile Selassie by Mr. Wesserling from 1966)


6 – 7 p.m

concert Munit & Jörg – Ethio-Acoustic Soul, then dinner (Buffet), musical entertainment



Below you can find a choice of projects that will take place during the jubilee day (February 16th) from 9:30 am - 12am after the opening, Some projects take place at outside locations:

  1. "The new dam in Ethiopia at the Blue Nile – GERD (Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam) project"From grade 5, also for parents and alumni – in German Closing presentation in the afternoon, by Dr. Mekuria Beyene (alumnus), Consultant for cross-border water and hydropower management in RSA

  2. "World music adventure" Singing in different languages, international movement and rhythm games, building of instruments, closing presentation; Project for the primary school, by Josephine Kronfli (alumnus) and the band Karibuni

  3. "A short introduction to the Ethiopian history and a personal perception of the era of Haile Selassie"Introductory workshop in German by Dr. Lij Asfa-Wossen Asserate (alumnus), author and business consultant, after lunch reading, book signing and sales of his latest book on Emperor Haile Selassie From 5th grade, also for parents and alumni

  4. "Our Universe consists 95.5% out of dark matter and energy" – latest research on the big bang, Higgs-Boson and CERN From 5th grade – in German, also for parents and alumni, moderated by Prof. Dr. Thomas Mueller (Alumnus), Professor at the University of Karlsruhe and Director of the Institute for experimental nuclear physics in Karlsruhe (EKP)

  5. "Paper recycling project" – with Tesfaye Eco-Paper manufacturer – learn how to recycle paper and make an Ethiopian Notebook with motives from former students and teachers From 5th grade, also for parents and alumni– out of the school compound/meeting point upper parking lot beside administration Reporting on the jubilee meeting

  6. "Journalistic research and photo reporting project", accompany the participating journalists, interviews, prepare press release and short profiles on alumni with pictures 7-9th grade, also for parents and alumni, moderated by Dr. Christoph Motsch (teacher) and Nebiat Yainishet (photographer)

  7. "Look behind the scenes of a hotel with its own brewery", Beer Garden Inn Addis Ababa with the hotel manager Ariane Addisitu Tejiwe (alumnus) From 6th grade, also for parents and alumni – out of the school compound/meeting point upper parking lot beside administration

  8. "School history and stories" - read and told Moderated by Ursel Stahlman (teacher) and David Bereket-Ab (alumnus) – in German, reading of stories and episodes by authors of the anniversary publication are welcome From 5th grade, also for parents and alumni

  9. "Ethiopian Fairytales" – told by Dr. Dieter Wartenberg (former teacher), reading with the author Project for the kindergarten


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