International history project at the DBSAA

The international school project „Resistance yesterday and today – what can we learn from it?” associates several international schools from France, Egypt, Belorussia, Poland, Germany and Ethiopia around the topic of resistance against authoritarian regimes. Every school was free to choose a resistance from its host country and to study it over a longer period. At the DBSAA we chose to work on the Ethiopian resistance against the Italian occupation between 1935 and 1941.

The students have researched this subject since January and decided to present their results in an exhibition at the final event in Leipzig. For this exhibition they have done intensive research in libraries and on the internet, but they also talked to experts here in Addis. They have been to the Patriots’ building and interviewed the well-known Ethiopian historian Bahru Zewde on this topic. The two-day final event in Leipzig will be the occasion of exchange with the students coming from the other schools.

 As an opening they are invited to a concert by the Orchestre de Lyon, which will take place in the beautiful Gewandhaus of Leipzig. Furthermore, all students and teachers will be invited by the Mayor of Leipzig to a reception celebrating this international project.

As the journey from Addis to Leipzig is too long for only a two-day event, the students will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on resistance during a three-day stay right before their time in Leipzig. Highlights of the visit in Berlin will be the Memorial for the German Resistance, the German History Museum, the Memorial for the victims of the Eastern German Dictatorship in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen as well as visits to the German Foreign Ministry and the German Parliament, the Bundestag.

Follow our travel diary!

9. November 2018


On our last day in Leipzig and Germany our teacher gave us some time for ourselves. Even if November 9 is probably the most history charged German date ever. We met our old class/school friend Feruza, who is now doing a professional training for becoming a chemical laboratory assistant in Leuna. And we carried the sweets and ginger bread for the Christmas basar of the DBSAA through half of the city ;) Tomorrow we will have to get up early to catch our train to Berlin and then our plane to Frankfurt and finally Addis.
We had a very interesting and especially unforgettable week in Germany!

8. November 2018

Today was the second and last day of the final meeting which closes our resistance project at the Rahn school in Leipzig. We already know our colleagues from the other schools and get along very well. Today's workshops covered the link between our resistance groups from the past and possible resistance today. At the end of the day we presented our results to the mayor of Leipzig and other guests...a great success. Then we went out with our new friends from the other schools to discover Leipzig...finally without the teachers.

7. November 2018

Today was the first day of work together with the other schools from Leipzig, Kiew, Cairo, Warsaw and Lyon. A very intensive experience, but an amazingly interesting exchange. We were immediately filmed by German television, so we can go to bed now and let others explain for us:

 6. November 2018

Today was our last day in Berlin. In the morning we had a meeting at the Federal Foreign Office, where we enjoyed a presentation about the characteristics and topics of the diplomatic profession. Then we went from Berlin to Leipzig with the ICE train to finally start the final event of our history project. The kick off was a concert by the Orchestre National de Lyon in the famous Gewandhaus of Leipzig - a truly amazing event!

 5. November 2018

The next day was a very interesting day. First of all because of the history classes we had, after we went to the city library in Berlin (Staatsbibliothek) and after we went to the National Museum of German History. It was a lot to take in, but the information given to us was very interesting. As they day went on, we met our former teacher Christoph Schaadt. He couldn’t come with us on the adventures in Leipzig, but as a get together we went to a restaurant and ate Italian food. The day came to an end as we went to an improvisation theatre, where the actors had outstanding performances..Kidus

4. November 2018

The next day we met for breakfast at 8am. After breakfast our Berlin adventure started again. First we went to the Memorial for the German Resistance. When we arrived there, a historian showed us the different resistance groups and persons against nationalsocialism in Germany. After a three hours seminar there our adventure continued in the Memorial of Berlin Hohenschцnhausen, the former GDR prison. There we met Edda Schцnherz who was a prisoner there in the 1970s. We were very thankful that she accepted to share her horrible experience there. To finish our day we went to Potsdamer Platz for dinner and a film. At 10pm the day ended for us. Betania Samuel

3. November 2018

Our day started at 8.30pm in Ethiopia and finished 24 hours later in Germany. After our exhausting arrival in Germany there was no time to rest, because a tour of Berlin was already waiting for us. First and Second World War have left many traces and monuments in Germany. The most exciting one was the Brandenburg gate. Towards the end of the day we visited the Reichstag and went up its roof structure. We were that tired that, after a rapid dinner, we al fell asleep immediately. The day was exhausting, but very interesting. Kidus




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